mr. brewer

With his debut album ‘Dron Awaits’ released in early 2019, Singapore-based Mr.Brewer entered the stage for electronic dance music with a collection of Melodic Techno and Tech House tracks. Throughout all the tracks on the album, the focus remains on rhythmic and melodic content. The compositions are built around supporting the melody for an, at times, dream-like, atmospheric and emotional sound.
The follow-up album ‘Lucidem Uncensored’ released in late 2019, continues to develop the sound universe, and builds on the strong rhythmic and melodic focus that Mr.Brewer established with his first album release. His love for music came early, with influences stretching from punk and metal to experimental, Mr.Brewer explores just how much music changes when borrowing across genres and infusing styles with radically different sounds. Mr.Brewer’s tracks remain all about experimentation and exploring new areas of the genre, so we will see what the future holds for the Singaporean producer.

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