Artists for @MavelaRecords

Recorded with best wishes and regards for all our listeners.

08 JANUARY, 2021

Attic Grooves - @The Attic

Attic Grooves playing for close friends on their Attic. 2020 - 2021

11 JUNE, 2020

Attic Grooves - @Treatlan

Attic Grooves playing an exclusive DJ set at Treatlan for Mavela Records. 🎥

03 NOVEMBER, 2019

Attic Grooves & Vimep - @Club Vice

Mavela Records presents Club Vice.

22 OCTOBER, 2018

Attic Grooves - @Santti N' Friends

Santti N' Friends event performed at Morimoto Eventos.

26 OCTOBER, 2017

Attic Grooves - @SoundWaves

SoundWaves event in Tangará da Serra, Brazil.
Guitar played live by Waldir Martinez.