About us

No commitment for being happy!

The electronic music label Mavela Records was founded in 2019 by the duo Attic Grooves and his friend Matheus Lenz Soletti.

In 2020 the label gained a new artist member, Vimep, who has already made several exclusive releases. During 2 years the label conquered more and more space in the electronic scene through events organized by it and shows in cities close to where it is established. 2022 started big with the signing of the newest member of the Mavela team, Yasmim Portela.

Mavela has been increasingly standing out in the electronic scene in its region by holding events and scheduling tours for its artists in its country.

All artists that are part of the label have and produce their own line of sound and always try to maximize their musical quality with new compositions to be released.

With the intention of expanding its recognition worldwide, Mavela seeks through good music, union, friendship and connection with its audience, always to take the best in its events and participation wherever it goes.

We are MAVELA.